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On a soul journey with unique beyoutiful

A warm welcome

The most yielding, softest form of all can ride through the hardest thing like a galloping horse. Like water, like water penetrating the rock. So too, the invisible penetrates.

That is why I know that it is wise to act without doing anything. And only a few, very few understand this! Lao Tse.

unique-beyoutiful offers you a well-kept cabin on their first-class cruise ship. Your well-being will be taken care of on all levels & nothing will stand in the way of your recovery. The ocean itself, with all its resources, will welcome us lovingly & accompany us towards healing along the waterway.
Allow yourself this time out on my catamaran, settle in comfortably & above all say yes to happiness, which will soon be knocking on your door.

I am my own unique self, special, creative & wonderful.