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64 Genetic keys

The golden path is created using your time of birth & location in a hologram with 11 genetic keys. These so-called 11 archetypes represent your personal map.

Each of the 64 gene keys can evolve from shadow to gift to siddhi state, your higher destiny.

The 6 different lines are manifold depending on the sequence in which they are read.
We start our adventure at the beginning of the activation sequence, then climb up the Venus sequence to the pearl sequence, which represents the achievement of prosperity.

Here your friendship link to the genetic keys

Juggling with the 64 genetic keys

The 64 gene keys are a fascinating, very valuable and interesting tool, with which I reflect very creatively and playfully in my daily therapy routine.

Shadow balancing by means of emotion & body code, systemic positioning of your personal shadows, mirror work as well as the communicative reflection of your gene keys are some of the possibilities. In addition, the examination of your own forgiveness could play an important role.

This knowledge, which Richard Rudd gives us, fills me with the highest humility & confidence to balance your life in depth & to cultivate provable changes in your everyday life.

You will be amazed how powerful the determination of your DNA is.

Create here your personal hologram

You alone are the architect & master builder of your development.